Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guess Who I Met Yesterday!!



My friend Jennifer and I were part of the studio audience at the Martha Stewart Show! And guess what? There's an "Ask Martha" segment at the beginning of the show and I was one of the five people chosen to ask her a question on camera!  I was shaking in my boots but thank God she was very gracious and did not embarass me (I almost forgot to say my name!).   

Americangirlmartha160 Let me tell you, this place ROCKS. When we walked up the stairs and into the studio, it was electric. I can't describe it any other way. A million lights above us, lots of people scurrying to and fro moving props, setting things up, checking camera angles.  It was unbelievable.  There was so much going on and I was trying my best to take it all in! You see the people sitting on the floor? They are part of the audience and we were on the risers behind them.

Americangirlmartha176This is Joey -- it's his job to keep the audience entertained, and believe me, he's very good at it! He coached us on what to do and when to do it...and he was really, really funny. I think he mentioned that he's a stand-up comedian, and has opened for a few other shows.  He was so funny -- and he kept cracking jokes and throwing free items into the audience during commercial breaks. It got to the point where we were chanting his name and clapping to get his attention during breaks! I didn't catch anything, but we still received some awesome goodie bags for attending.

After the show Jen and I had lunch at Saks, visted American Girl Place (it was right across the street!) and then went shopping in the garment district for some trims and ribbon. Oh my sweet goodness!!! I've never seen so many rolls, and rolls, AND ROLLS of ribbon,trim and fabric in my life....I was going ga-ga over this stuff...tomorrow I'll post a pic of everything I bought. Very cool stuff..

OK, now it's back to reality...I'm trying to finish a few sewing projects (yes, you heard me...SEWING! Can you stand it? I haven't looked at my machine in years!) and I need to start my Valentine's Day items for our boutique next month! First the laundry, then dinner, then a meeting at my daughter's school....oh, and I forgot about that closet with all the boxes falling out of it...I'll catch you later!...xoxo