Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Down for the Count

I don't know about you, but I can't concentrate on anything when my house is in disarray. It doesn't matter where the mess is...It could be on top of me or a several feet away...the mere fact that it's there will be enough to throw me in a tizzy.  So image my state of mind this past weekend when every room of the house looked like "Dorothy after the Tornado". I mean every...single... room!  I was surrounded by mass chaos...piles of books, magazines, clean laundry, dirty laundry, coats, toys, my husband's work papers, blueprints (he's an engineer) and boxes and boxes of art stuff (I don't have a dedicated space, actually I do; I should say I don't have a dining room). So what do you think I did? That's right! I started cleaning.

First stop was the basement; and that ended up being my last stop because after two hours of emptying and moving boxes I bent over to grab my tea and couldn't straighten up!!  Every time I tried to right myself I felt a searing pain from my rear end to my tippy toes, and I knew I was in trouble. Yep, I threw my back out... but my basement looks awesome! The only problem is I can't sit or stand for very long. A minor detail, I know...so I've taken to pacing from room to room glaring at the mess. Maybe I can talk it into disappearing.

Thank God I have a great chiropractor. He's definitely worth every dime my insurance pays him! And Sean gave me this yummy fruit juice that works like an anti-inflammatory, and best of all, my girls give me lots of hugs, so it isn't all that bad!

Hopefully I'll be back soon...:-)