Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tired_housewife Has it been almost a week already? 

The Big-Wig event was a HUGE success! I will post pictures as soon as I can. Sean and I won a beautiful basket filled to the brim with boating paraphernalia so he was a happy camper. We also won a weekend here...(doesn't that look divine?!) AND we learned how to ballroom dance! Right now we're nearing the end of a very busy week. I've been getting ready for the next big cousin's wedding in June! I can't wait, as it is sure to be beautiful. The girls needed new passports and mine was up for renewal...and there were dress fittings and Bridal Shower preparations...too fun!

So far this first week of April hasn't been too overwhelming. Let's see...we booked my daughter's Sweet Sixteen -- for May 2009! We were persuaded to do this a year in advance, as the place she wanted was booking up quickly...Sean is convinced we'll have to mortgage the house to pay for it. Sean and I are hosting a table for my friend Jeff's benefit dinner/auction on April 17...Allie's class performed their annual Shakespeare Festival today (you should have seen me, the paper artist, attempting to make alterations to her very elaborate Elizabethan costume last night. I finally gave up at midnight and stapled the thing together!)...Amanda made the travel team for softball which meant driving two hours, in the rain, to a game on the east end of Long Island, only to have the home team forfeit during the first five minutes, as of Monday, I am officially a graduate student of Graphic Design...classes start at the end of the month...and I'm leaving for a weekend retreat with my crafty girlfriends tomorrow morning and haven't started packing yet.  Other than that, it's been pretty quiet around here. How about you guys?