Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photos from Barbados

We're back...and I am so excited to share a few Barbados pics with you. I usually do not like posting a lot of personal photos on my blog, as I know most visitors are expecting to see crafty things, but I have to make an exception. The Crane Resort in Barbados is simply GORGEOUS. It is a self-contained resort on the quiet West Coast of Barbados. Every unit has a full-service kitchen and there is a shopping village on the resort where you can purchase all your necessities. Before I start rambling endlessly about the beauty of this place, I thought I would share a slideshow I put together and a link to my vacation gallery if you care to see more.

Ok...Back to reality. I still need to unpack an a ton of laundry awaits me. I should be back to crafting sometime next week. Still on a holiday high over here! xoxo

You can watch the slide show below or click here: Barbados 2009