Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey Guys,

It's been a busy week. My friend's mom passed away unexpectedly last weekend and I've been wanting to spend lots of girlfriend time with her. They were so close and if there is any beauty to be seen in this situation, it's her attempt to extend the bond they shared even after her mom's death. I'm also working on a term paper that's due tomorrow night; this ought to be interesting...I'm not quite suer how that's going to happen but - oh well...I guess I'll just go with the flow...Hope you're all doing well.

I'll leave you with a few things I've been dabbling with.

These layouts are from the February Citrus Tree Studio kit. Here's a photo of the kit:
and here's my 2 layouts. Very simple and clean...I'm starting to dig that style right now.
I know it's weird taking a picture of someone eating, but I couldn't resist this shot. My girls and I stopped by the tea room for a quick lunch. My 16 year-old ordered a wrap not realizing how big it was. When they put this big sandwich in front of her she wasn't sure if she should use a knife and fork or just cave in and eat it with her hands. In the end she ditched her utensils and even though she was starving, she refused to snarf it all down (which is what I would have done!). She was perfectly proper and very neat. Yep, that's my Mandy, always the lady regardless of the circumstances; one of the many things I love about her!
Title Alphas are from my stash.

Our Westie is a bit spoiled (but we love him anyway!)..he really knows how to ham it up when the girls give him even the slightest bit of attention.

and this will be a gift for my sweet friend who just lost her mom:
and lastly this is a decorated tin with a little mini inside to remind me of how beautiful nature is this time of year (I'm studying Wordsworth in school so I'm kinda on a nature kick right now). I'll post more pics when I've decorated the enclosed mini.
That's it for now. By the way, I want to thank you all for your sweet comments. I love hearing from you and I've enjoyed visiting your blogs as well. You guys are so creative and fun to visit. See you in a few days!


PS. Prima is having a DT all you Prima lovers out there...start your engines!