Friday, September 11, 2009


At a total loss for words today. This tragedy happened 8 years ago and although I watched it all unfoldon television like most of the world did that day, I still consider it a personal loss. I remember feeling so helpless as I watched the images of the second plane hit the South Tower, the camera footage of office workers in suits jumping to their deaths in order to escape the flames (omg...those poor people - can you imagine having to make that kind of choice?). Even the rescue workers were in shock as they headed towards the danger in order to lead everyone else away. And to see the Towers (they were so incredibly magnificent) consumed with flames and jet fuel..UGH, that was so sad. There was so much panic and fear. Then everything came crashing down and everything and everyone was covered with ash and rubble- it was just too much. My husband helped build 7 World Trade and for a moment we held out hope that it would remain standing...but later that evening it too came crashing down. Unbelievable...Makes me wonder "why"?