Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Third Time's A Charm...

Seriously, this is my THIRD attempt at blogging...is that funny or what? Seems that I tend to start a new one whenever I need a fresh start or make a new discovery about myself. My first Typepad blog was fully-loaded, but difficult to figure out. I eventually moved over to Blogger under a different studio name, but I couldn't seem to control the direction in which it was going so I stopped updating it. They say the third time is a charm so...here I go again. I think I will look forward to staying with this one because I've finally realized what blogging means to me...it's not about posting gorgeous artwork or catchy phrases, it's about sharing who I am and what I love. So I'm looking forward to sharing a bit of myself, and my creative pursuits, with you. But don't be upset f I pretend you're not there!