Friday, February 2, 2007

Tea Card Holder

I am totally in love with these Christine Adolph papers! I'm down to my last sheet and am trying to use every scrap for any project I can think of. I had this empty "after coffee" mint tin from -- where else -- Starbucks (!), so I decided to make a "Tea Card Holder". On the outside I combined Christine's papers with a few scraps from the new Foo-Fa-La Savannah collection (another serious addiction). Inside are four cards with images from my favorite teas. I collaged around the images with scraps. The back of each card will have a little hand journaling telling how I discovered the tea and why I like it so much.  I remember a motto I learned in my first stamp class -- "If it doesn't move, stamp it!".  Well, now my new mantra is "If it doesn't move, alter it! (with beautiful papers of  Enjoy your weekend. xoxo

Starbucks6_1  Starbucks4_2  Starbucks3