Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Happy Birthday Allie!

Home157copy_3 Wow, a whopping TEN years old!  And no bubble was necessary!!!

Her "BIG 10" birthday party was this past Saturday so we're taking it easy today. Originally we were going to have it at a place where there is lots of loud music, dancing and fun games (I call it an "aerobic" adventure...the kids go non-stop for an hour before sitting down for cake and ice cream. They love it and leave their parents in awe of their stamina!), but Allie has three stitches in her knee from the bike accident which prevented her from doing any strenuous activity.  So, we reverted to Plan B which was exactly what we did for her sister...movies and pizza.  We saw "Over The Hedge" again (much to my husband's dismay!) and then walked three doors down to the pizza parlor for lunch.  Allie gave each girl a memory book kit from Target and a heart-shaped lip gloss pendant for favors, and after eating cupcakes and ice cream we headed home with two of Allie's friends and Amanda's best friend in tow. Can you imagine FIVE giggly girls in ONE car!! Thank goodness we have a big Yukon.  Sean and I kept smiling at their antics. They were just too darn cute.  Well, after all this chick has been through during the last couple of weeks, we're so happy to celebrate a quiet birthday at home tonight with big sis Amanda, Nana and Poppy, Grandma and Pop, Uncle George, Eva, the two cute little boys across the street...well, maybe it won't be so quiet after all, but it will be fun!!

PS. Trying to get some art done before our anniversary weekend. 

Happy Birthday Joyce!! After 13 years of friendship you're like a sister to me. I love you!