Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Findpeaceatc_2  I know it's been awhile..I've been super busy with some cool projects (can't bring myself to talk about them now, but will keep you posted). I was actually going to shut my blog down because I'm so bad about posting, but I know I'd regret it sooner or later.

So check it friend Rande has her blog up and running.  That girl can do some serious art! You have to stop by and visit her. After I saw one of her collages I immediately ordered these  cool papers and let me tell you, they are to DIE for.  Awesome! Awesome!  Thanks for the heads up Rande.  And I'd love it if you'd say prayers and keep good thoughts for Nancy's son Andrew, who may be headed over to Iraq in the next few months. Why do they have to be so young?   Nancy is a talented artist and a real sweetie pie.  I'm wishing her and her family all the best.  And hopefully you all had a chance to see Traci Bautista on DIY Network's  new show "Craft Lab".   I almost missed this myself but thank goodness Audrey told me about it in a knick of time and I was able to tape the show.  Traci is incredibly talented and shared some amazing techniques.   If you missed the show, you might want to consider ordering her DVD from here.  You can also check out Barbara's blog for a few examples of the techniques she learned from a recent class with Traci.

More later when I finish up a few swap pieces I've got going...xoxo