Monday, August 28, 2006

Getting into Gear...

3diamonds_2 2diamonds_5   Just completed these two cards for another weekly challenge.  The theme for the 2 of Diamonds was "Circles" -- don't ask me to explain what I came up with! This just sorta "happened" on its own.  And the theme for the 3 of Diamonds was "White" -- which is quickly becoming my faorite theme to work with.

Been busy the past two weeks getting the girls ready for school.  Mandy had orientation over the weekend and finally started 8th grade today (she was so excited!).  Allie starts starts school next Thursday (the big 5th grader!).  I was able to get Allie's school supplies, uniforms and shoes in one day, but meeting Mandy's very strict dress code requirement took a few days. She's a teenager so all she owns are blue jeans. She's not used to wearing dress pants and a blazer!!! I still have some bits and pieces to gather together, but we're gettng through the lists. After two years of homeschooling seems we all have to make some adjustments! <sigh>

It's going to be a cold, rainy day here in NY and I was hoping to work on more cards for my deck, but am not sure if I will be able to.  I have chronic disc problems in my neck (it's acting up again) and am under doctor's orders to not do too much.  Luckily I have an amazing chiropractor so I should be back to normal soon!.  I was able to at move around much, much easier after one adjustment.  I'm far behind in most of my art commitments, but need to concentrate on getting the girls settled into their school routines.

Enjoy your day:-)